New York Traders Expo 2010

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  1. I made a search for all forums. It was very strange to see no messages about this year's expo today. What happened? I guess there is no more renewed interest for the Traders Expos within the ET group..
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    It is getting smaller and less interesting year after year. I have visited last 5 years, not going this one. The interesting part for me these days is to talk to some software vendors, but this alone not worth the trip.
  3. Holiday tomorrow possibly some will just stop by and see what is going on.
  4. i am planning to go to see what,s new and all since it,s a holiday
  5. I am going to shoot spitballs at Alex Wanna Biscuit from Pure-Tick from across the room. I am sure he will be hanging out with Geoff the Cajun Cretin at a Pure-Dreck table trolling for newbees!
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    not going this year...maybe i'll go down next year. if i do, would be good to hook up with other (individual) traders next year, since i'm past the point where the presenters or vendors would do much for me.
  7. If your a retail trader it's great, I strictly trade prop and was let down last year as there was only 2 or 3 firms there and they were pitching to retail traders, total waste for me but prob great for the retail guys
  8. the worst expo ever. i have attended since 2000 and they have gone downhill since then. however, thijs one takes the cake as being terrible!! what a waste of time. even the vendors looked bored, one poor soul looked like he was crying. likely spent his last dollars for a booth but could not get enough sales to pay for it. low energy, poor turnout, not fun


    The funniest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN at the expo appeared this year. this woman named GEORGIA ANDERSON trying to start a financial news network on the strength of her boobs and supposed sexy demeanor--- she has zero credentials, but put her face on the cover of the book to sell it. really bad!

    it is my guess this may be the last expo ever.

  9. Worthless without pictures of her tits!
  10. All I got this year was a pen :mad: . . . lol

    . . . at least there were a couple of nice looking girls.
    DeMark had a decent size crowd. It was something to do today.
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