New York Times: U.S. Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb

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  1. I would like to hear from established warmongers. I realize Dick Cheney and Bush are not available on this site.

    Still I would like to hear from warmongers.

    U.S. Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb
    WASHINGTON — Even as the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog said in a new report Friday that Iran had accelerated its uranium enrichment program, American intelligence analysts continue to believe that there is no hard evidence that Iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb. iran&st=cse

    LA Times as well.

    U.S. does not believe Iran is trying to build nuclear bomb
    The most recent report, which represents the consensus of 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, As U.S. and Israeli officials talk publicly about the prospect of a military strike against Iran's nuclear program, one fact is often overlooked: U.S. intelligence agencies don't believe Iran is actively trying to build an atomic bomb.
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    #1 don't call people names or label them.
    it already says something about your lack of education.
    #2 US intelligence is far from infallible.
    #3 for various reasons, what the US government reveals to the press may not equate with reality
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    anyone see the irony in this?
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    if you are into irony you will find it.
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    What would you expect from a warmonger?
    Even if Iran was building a nuclear bomb, they'd have every right to do so. I mean the little aggressor Israel has it and even backwards Pakistan, Russia isn't any less crazy than Iran either.
    However, it's the US intelligence and certain groups will do their job. Then you'll suddenly see them say that Iran has the bomb already, we all know what's next.
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    apparently he doesn't
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    agreed. #1-it is their right to do so. #2-what would you do,if you are surrounded by enemies? how else you can protect yourself as a country? #3-even if they build a bomb-they don't have missile to strike US. #4-strike US with it is pointless,cause they know that they will be f*d to the ground in next 30 min. who in his right mind would do that? bottom line-all this iran thing is a big pile of bs. just like everything else that come from politicos..
  10. #1 My education (not that I'd give you enough to verify)

    B.A., 1967
    Princeton University

    B.A./M.A., 1969
    Oxford University

    #2 If you took the time to engage your lazy mind and read the actual reports you would see that 16 out of 17 agencies agree on Iran data.

    #3 Again if you engaged your mind a little more you would find out this report was leaked to the media by few patriots left in the world of U.S. intelligence

    Why stop at 3, here comes the #4

    #4 If someone wants a war with Iran, that person is a warmonger and that is not an insult. If you want a war with Iran, by that reasoning you are a warmonger.

    How can you want a needless war and not be a warmonger?
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