New York Times editorial board says administration has 'lost all credibility'

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  1. New York Times editorial board says administration has 'lost all credibility'

    The New York Times editorial board, which twice endorsed President Obama and has championed many planks of his agenda, on Thursday turned on the president over the government's mass collection of phone data -- saying the administration has "lost all credibility."
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    With us normal people it never had any credibility since before letting the black panther polling intimidators off the hook. It's about time the top liberal newspaper has opened it's eyes for a moment. But, with everything that is coming out how could any sane American not be ready to toss out the entire lot of them?

    Comparisons to Watergate? Watergate was a game of marbles compared to what is going on with the Obama administration.
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    Yes it was.
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    The New York Times (New York Slimes, Lame Stream Media, etc.) has been "discredited here".

    Thanks go to Team Right for setting that up years ago. : )
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    Max E.

    They just cant help themselves.....


    On Thursday, The New York Times ran one of its most controversial editorials in recent history. In it, the editors condemned the Obama administration in fiery terms for its blanket surveillance of American phone records. The original editorial contained this key line, which became our headline at Breitbart News: “The administration has now lost all credibility.”

    At the time, we pointed out, “That doesn’t mean the Obama worship will stop.”

    It took all of four hours to resume.

    By late Thursday evening, the editorial had been changed so that the key sentence read, “The administration has now lost credibility on this issue.” There was no note of any correction.
    The addition of this key phrase allows the Times to relegate its distaste for this civil liberties violating administration to a single issue. It allows the Times to contain the scandal.

    The New York Times had no intention of breaking up with President Obama. The trial separation didn’t even last from lunch to dinner. The passionate affair between the Times and the least transparent, most overbearing administration in American history continues apace. All it takes is a few stealth edits instead of a box of chocolates to smooth things over.
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    NO! Bad dog!![​IMG]
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    No question! Watergate's baby shit along side of what these tyrants have done, and are doing.