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  1. I plan on trading through an online broker. Does anyone know a way to receive NYSE Open Book info on a stand alone basis without subscribing to a more comprehensive quoting package such as E Signal etc.?
  2. to Open Book for about $50 a month

    there might be a prior thread discussion on this matter

    while we are on the discussion of order books

    does anyone know about subscriptions

    to Instinet Portal Book via Internet?

    I have asked IB to forward this request
    to management to see if it is possible
    to subscribe and what the cost is
  3. Which brokers in particular?
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    You can subscribe to Open Book at IB (via the NYSE) and see the open book info via the TWS. Instructions on how to subscribe can be found via the market data subscription info on the account login page. just click on openbook for the details.

    seth, i don't know about instinet but will ask as well.
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    Is the liquidity quote available on the OpenBook? Thanks.
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    I'll have to check as I don't know.
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    Open Crook
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    PointDirex will be releasing their version next week. You can open unlimited numbers of openbook windows.

  9. Yea, it's included with openbook.