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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by JM64, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. JM64


    Looking for some guys or gals to share ideas and maybe throw a beer back once in a while........
  2. tradethetrade

    tradethetrade Vendor

    Sign me up! Anybody else...
  3. CTT


    I have just started trading but would be nice to meet some people in the area.
  4. rjv27


    shouldn't be hard to find people, there are only about 5000 traders in the area.:D
  5. bfbusa


    Sure, great to meet other traders. Let me know how we will do this.
  6. tradethetrade

    tradethetrade Vendor

    Yeah, but I just want to meet the profitable ones who can teach me their secrets so that should bring the count down to what...4ish??? :) :)

    I think we should just let the list grow a bit and then set up a place/time to meet. Shall we give the thread another week?

  7. koms


    count me in

    everybody should be welcomed...

    learn what to do from 4% ish profitable traders and..
    learn what NOT to do from me ( 96% ish ... )

  8. ilx100


  9. billp



    I think you just scared away all the profitable ones :eek:

  10. JM64


    threeads not getting anywhere...................
    #10     Sep 12, 2006