New York may fade as a financial center

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  1. Costs are so much higher in NY. You set a bigger hurdle in front of yourself before you even start. And don't give me that crap about the cultural opportunities. It's a town for billionaires, and a rat race for everyone else. NY - long may it rust.
  2. Hmm maybe Dubai will be the new wall street?
  3. Maybe "Sand Street" :D

  4. NY will always be the head of the financial world. WHen you trade the market you have to be right in the mix. Wall street is NY and NY is the world. JPM bought WAMU and they got the leases and great street corners. Long Live The NY Bullies who keep swinging. Rest in Peace Leh.

    Check my post and see the calls on the market and ask yourself if being in NY had anything to do with what I predicted to the TEE...
  5. crap about the cultural opportunities.

    As opposed to what, walking around the mall, looking for the remote drinking beer, or riding a harley on your day off.
  6. Wall & Broad? Try the intersection of "Sandy Dunes" & "Sand Storm"
  7. As long as USD remains the world's accounting currency, Wall Street will remain the "leading" financial center on earth.

    "to really avoid going over the precipice"
    is not about "the bailout" at all.
  8. This just shows you are ignorant.

    The true major head of the financial world is not New York.

    It is London.

    Educate yourself.
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    Judging by the great pyramids BofA and other big banks are building in and around Times Square, I would think the end is near.
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