New York - London latency reduction

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gigi, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. gigi


    I have this idea about how to reduce the latency of the link between NY - London (this would be the biggest target). State of art should be around 30 ms one way. I can improve it by several ms. This would be very valuable for arbitraging EUR/USD across the ocean for example.

    I don't want any money before telling it. I believe that anybody interested will pay once the idea is proven to keep it their edge. I have googled around and researched it and I have strong proof that my idea is both novel and feasible.

    I know how this looks: software guy from Romania can do what tens of professionals paid for it can't.

    I email two persons from potentially interested banks, but I didn't get any reply. Is there any conference/gathering about low-latency communication that I could attend?
  2. Colo a server in NYC for $250/month + Colo a server in London for $250 pounds/month?
  3. sounds like order matching.
  4. yeah... perpetuum mobile inventor.

    salut comrad! ;)
  5. 6500 km NY - London
    298,000 km/sec Speed of light

    22ms theoretical best case.
  6. I thought it was 5600 km which makes it around 19ms. but still - the guy is fraud. for mental he speaks too good of english and could manage to found this website.. nigerian scam I'd bet.
  7. Reality is colo gets you inside 3ms for processing data and RDP/remote control gets you screen updates faster than you could react or see.