New York IB Salaries

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Annual Salary

  1. 60,000 - 69,999

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  2. 70,000 - 79,999

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  3. 80,000 - 89,999

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  4. 90,000 - 99,999

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  1. I work at a large IM firm in California and am planning to move to New York by the end of the year b/c my wife is going to school in Manhattan. What type of salary should a OTC derivatives trade processor (settlements/trade booking) with 3 years experience expect in NY? Any advise trom people in the industry would be great! Thanks!
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    neither will you without multiple offers (read bids). i'd guess there's at least a 20% chance you fall out of the ranges you've listed.
  3. Very true...I already have multiple interested parties. Just wanted to know what is reasonable/unreasonable for NY. Thanks though!
  4. Hyudra


    prob around 80k-90k plus 20-50% bonus. also that is if ur manager level.
  5. Thanks for the response Hyudra. A little higher than I thought...must be because of the cost of living. Anybody else agree/disagree?
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    and Bonus' are taxed 50% in NY
  7. So in conclusion I assume all trade processors in NYC should make 77,500.00 USD or your getting screwed?
  8. You got 3 yrs experience, and want to work for a NYC IB for under 100K?

    I got 1 yr experience and have offers from hedge funds/IBs for 80K for tech positions (the one I'm trying to take right now is for arbitrage technology), and that money's barely enough, and I'm single. (And I'm contributing 0 to a 401k/IRA)

    Good luck supporting a wife in Manhattan w/ under 100K salary.
  9. Here's a linke to the backpage ... an apartment locating service also available at

    You should:

    1. Start pricing aparments.
    2. Add in the price of a garage and parking if you plan on driving around the city.
    3. Add in food and entertainment.
    4. Don't forget your special needs if you have a pet.
    5. Make sure you also have all of your benefits covered.
    6. On top of that are the student loans your wife will incur.
    8. You can add-in anything I left out ...

    Demoship is correcty, it's going to be an expensive proposition maintaining a family with just your income in a quality environment.

  10. If you're under 100K, you shouldn't bother pricing parking for a car, you won't have a car.

    Trust me, it's for the best. If you work in manhattan and live in manhattan, it's NOT WORTH HAVING A CAR, all it's going to do is cost you $500 a month for parking and insurance and you'll get very little usage out of it.

    I'd also avoid having a pet, a lot of places dont allow pets, and a lot of places will charge you to keep a pet.
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