New York Gun Law CAN'T Be Enforced Properly

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    ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo and state lawmakers rushed a gun-control law through in January that prohibits the sale of magazines that can hold more than seven bullets, the nation’s lowest limit.

    Problem is, nobody makes seven-bullet magazines.

    Now, state leaders are planning to suspend the prohibition, which is due to take effect April 15, until they can rewrite the measure.

    The nation’s first new gun-control law since last December’s Newtown school massacre reduces the number of bullets allowed in a magazine to seven from 10, except at firing ranges and shooting competitions.

    “Gun manufacturers don’t make seven-round magazines and aren’t planning to,” Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver conceded yesterday.

    Lawmakers will have to put the measure on hold — but any new measure, they say, would still limit the number of bullets that can be carried to seven in a larger magazine.

    Silver said he, Cuomo and Senate leaders plan to suspend any provision of the law that “presumes that manufacturers are going to manufacture” seven-round magazines.

    He said the length of the suspension hasn’t been determined.

    Cuomo’s office had no comment yesterday, but the governor this week conceded “there is no such thing as a seven-bullet magazine . . . so you really have no practical option.”
  2. Not to worry. New York has already set up a hotline where you can report your neighbor for having an illegal gun with a clip that allows more than 7 bullets.

    This will allow the police SWAT squad to show up, use a battering ram on the door, and lock up the criminal gun owner.
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    The ignorance of anti gun pussies knows no bounds.
  4. Obviously the plan all along was make semi-automatics with more capacity than 7 rounds illegal.

    They knew there were no 7 round mags they just thought they could get away with banning guns on a technicality.

    It would be like only guns without sights as being legal.

    See no ban just that every gun out there has them.
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    Obviously all gazillion of them need to be confiscated.
  6. Hopefully the law will be declared unconstitutional as it violates the Heller standard of banning guns in common useage.