New York City police department could shoot down plane, chief says (VIDEO)

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  1. New York City police department could shoot down plane, chief says

    New York City police could take down a plane if it posed a threat, the city's top cop told the CBS "60 Minutes" program aired Sunday, two weeks after the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

    New York City police department commissioner Ray Kelly created a NYPD counterterrorism unit after 9/11, deciding that the city couldn’t rely on the federal government alone, the AP reports.

    The unit is one of the most sophisticated in the world, with sea, land and air capabilities. Kelly says the department is prepared for multiple scenarios and could even take down a plane — although, he said, "obviously this would be in a very extreme situation.”

    Other measures include sending NYPD officers abroad, using radiation detectors and creating a network of surveillance cameras in Manhattan.

    "60 Minutes" reports that Kelly — who fought with the Marines in Vietnam, joined the NYPD as a cadet, and has since earned a law degree and a master's degree from Harvard — has spent 10 years and $3 billion setting up what he believes is the world's "most powerful and technologically advanced counterterrorism bureau."

    In the "60 Minutes" interview Kelly did not elaborate on what methods the NYPD's would use to take down a plane deemed a threat, saying simply that:

    "NYPD Aviation has weapons that could be deployed with that capability."

    Kelly did discuss the precautions made before the General Assembly meeting at the United Nations during the week, attended by President Obama, in light of threats made to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary. They included snipers on rooftops, divers in the East River and helicopters equipped with radiation detection equipment.
  2. Although I think it's hilarious that these libturds got sprayed, I don't think the NYPD has a good handle on the proper use of pepper spray, let alone deciding if/when to shoot down a civilian airliner.

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  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Did you see the piece on sixty minutes? The cop pointed out the fact that they have almost every single square inch of New York city on video camera.

  4. How do you propose to calm down a "libturd" before she hurts herself or others. People work themselves into an emotional frenzy, lose control, words just ain't going to get anyone to calm down.
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    That looked like a peaceful assembly to me. A bit loud, sure. But I was under the imression that peaceful assembly was one of our rights, no?

    So we go from peaceful assembly with a show of police force to keep the two side from clashing to police using spray to disperse the crowd. What next? Guns drawn for peaceful assembly? Tanks?

    I guess the police are minutes away when seconds count unless your a peaceful protestor. Then yer fucked with a face full of spray.

    And the thread title is a whole other issue. Police dept with the hardware and authorization to shoot down a fucking plane? REALLY? We have slipped down the slope toward police state and there isnt any coming back at this rate...
  6. There is no such thing as a peaceful liberal protestor.
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    The idea of shooting down a plane over NYC NYC from a plane intending on crashing into NYC is kinda ludicrous.
  8. Obama sues Arizona because he claims it is infringing federal responsibilities by arresting illegal aliens but a city can shoot down airliners on its own?

    We know that Bloomberg has already sent undercover NYC agents to Virginia to try to trap unsuspecting gun stores into violating gun laws. Now he is sending agents to foreign countries? It boggle sthe mind.