New York City Halloween Party - All Traders Welcome - Lots of young single chicks!

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  1. Its time for our annual Halloween party. I understand from some others that it will take place at the following location:

    The Skyroom,
    330 W. 40th St (between 8th and 9th Ave, 34th floor)
    New York, NY
    October 29th at 6pm
    Right across from the PANY Bus Terminal and 6 blocks north of Penn Station

    I saw this event on Facebook and its really some singles party with lots of young women. So I thought this would be perfect for a traders event. I guess you have to wear a costume and I will be the one with the white beard and skippers hat acting like I am the skipper from Gilligan's Island.

    Im just there to meet the ladies, but you can come on down and meet me if you wish. So long as you are 20s, slender and female then I will welcome you aboard.

    Everyone from my bucket shop is coming down so thats like 50 guys and 1 Amazon woman. So lets party if you dare.

    Special Halloween Drinks $7. till 8pm
    Red devil
    Vampire's kiss
    Blood Red sangria
    Death by Fire
    Road Kill
    Brain hemorrhage

    All Bottled Beer – $5

    Food Specials
    * Truffle Fries - $5
    * brocheta - $5
    * Calamari - $5
    * Pizzas - $8
    * sliders -$8
  2. Funny - on ET, you normally act like an idiot... Maybe you should come as Gilligan
  3. Just tell all the single chicks you spend you're day trying to get filled on the open. I'm sure they'll love that.
  4. I'll be in NYC for the weekend. Let me know how to find you.
  5. We usually go to The Skyroom for Happy Hour for its half price drinks/appetizers from 4-8pm. They have $4 beers and cheap appetizers with a great view of Manhattan from the 34th floor. Its also ideal because Penn Station is 6 blocks south and the PANY bus terminal is right across the street. All of the receptionists from Morgan Stanley love going there and Morgan only hires the best looking receptionists. You can't find a better deal. Young good looking women, cheap beer, a grand view and close to the can't ask for more.

    What you do is find the entrance and there will be a blue sign that says "The Skyroom". There is a bouncer and just say you are there for the Halloween party. He wont give you any trouble. Then go inside and go up to the 34th floor.

    I will be the white haired old man with the Skippers hat on. I would have done the Gilligan thing, but I thought you were going to come as Gilligan.

    Usually the ladies like to dress up in scanty outfits on Halloween so it should be a good time.

    I found the flyer they had online. They also have another party on October 31st, but I only have the energy for one.


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  6. Are you saying, "no fat chicks"?
  7. Wish I was out that way, and single would probably be better. The last Halloween party I was at was at Univ. of Wisconsin a couple decades ago, and as much fun as I had in retrospec it is amazing I'm alive today. I think they cracked down now, but holy crap back then it was a drunken, carnal festival. It defined "too much fun".