new york city: finance library, stores?

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    i'll be in new york city shortly. i'm looking to find stores or libraries with a selection of financial books.

    ones i know about / am not looking to:

    the business library near 33rd street, the pseudo museum down near the NYSE, strand bookstore, regular barnes and nobles/borders/chain stores.

    at one point, there was a kind of financial library or reference room in or near the world trade center, but i heard that as a result of the attacks, it is no longer there.

    mcgraw hill also used to have a great bookstore in their basement, but closed it a few years ago.

    any ideas or suggestions for other places?
  2. Barnes & Noble has a flagship store at 18th and Fifth Ave. that is not part of their chain stores. It has the best selection of technical books now that McGraw-Hill is gone.

    The Brooklyn Public Library has a Business branch that is located in Brooklyn Heights. You can do searches online to see about their selection. They used to have the best collection of finance references but I think the NYPL at 33rd has caught up. Note that the ground floor at 33rd has the circulating collection, which is only so-so. In the basement they have a solid collection of non-circulating technical financial and reference books. CATNYP is their online catalog.

    There are also the university bookstores, e.g., Columbia and NYU, but they are run by B&N and it's hit or miss.
  3. I found the information in the libraries to be a bit dated (but good if I wanted to read something in a historical context), and the local bookstores charge too much becasue of the sky high NYC rents, so it's really all about what you are looking for.

    If it's old stuff, the Strand most definitely can deliver the goods, and any of the public libraries should/could fill the bill.

    But if it's more up-to-date stuff, I'd honestly go with Amazon.

    Having said all-that, there really is nothing comparable to the internet for information.
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    thanks bernoulli...yup, i use LEO (which is why i said the nypl's aren't something i need), but thought there might be a finance specialty shop i didn't know that mystery bookstore (murder inc?) which may not even be around any more.
  5. Science, Industry and Business Library
    34th and Madison
    This is the business library of the New York Public Library