New York buyers pay $200,000 for car space...WTF people.

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  1. That is where the jobs are. Plus, people like to play the keep up with the Jones' game. Not sure I agree. Then again, The south gets to hot. NY/NJ only gets really hot two months out of the year usually. For 3200.00 I get 1600 sq feet. Its enough for me, and I live modestly well I think. If I was across the river, at Trump, or something of that magnitude, it would probably be double. I guess it is the idea of living on Manhattan Island for some people.
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  2. All this tells you is

    1) Your dollar is toilet paper

    2) There are way too many people making too much of that toilet paper.

    3) No one dares put a stop to the madness for fear of being called a communist
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  3. How can there be traffic if no one is driving?
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    Yes you are right, and 8 million people are wrong. You seem like a smart guy so keep on doing what you are doing and believe everythign that you see and hear on television or movies from the 70s that you watch. It'll get you real far.
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