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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. OK guys, I've had a lot of interest in having a get together in the New York area. Foxwoods has been suggested (open to other suggestions). I have representatives form Goldman who will be joining me. I'm thinking maybe June (if we can get it together by then).

    Please email to: or PM me here on ET. Similar to Austin, looking for 20-40 serious traders. Casual, free drinks and appetizers.

    Gathering, short presentation by Goldman and me, followed by Q&A period.

    Topic suggestions welcome. Free one year subscription to Stocks and Commodities...and some fun.

    Let me know if there is interest in this guys! I need to go to NY anyway, may as well play a little cards, and mingle, LOL.

  2. Any excuse to meetup at a casino -- count me in! But seriously, what are you guys (specifically Goldman) presenting?
  3. god bless you don. you should work for amway. you claim few of brights traders troll the et boards yet you're on here day and night marketing bright. you're a advertising machine and use your sponsership status to get your name out there at a 100-1 ratio over any other sponser
  4. sounds like fun. maybe i can write off my gambling losses as a business expence
  5. In my old age, I actually enjoy spending time with traders, and I like doing a little bit of traveling. Gives me a chance to hang with my traders, my Clearing Firm, and other trading firm guys. Nothing sinister intended, and I must say I feel that all is well received.

    Our ex partner, Eddie Franco, used to do all the schmoozing with Clearing firm and traders, I guess I kind of assumed that role as "front man."

    I do my best to share what I can, and have a little fun.

  6. gehko


    Count me in :)
  7. You're on the list...keep em' coming guys.

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    mark me down :), just a where and when
  9. Hi Don,

    Please count me in too.

  10. Thanks guys...received several more requests for Foxwoods, but I know that's a bit far away...suggestions are welcome.

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