New Year resolutions

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    Let's hear for our new years resolutions here.

    Ok I will start.

    Start working out and lose 30 pounds.

  2. What was your resolution last year nitro, did you have one?

    Im going to get some motivation and focus.
    I hate resolutions, because if i dont have those things, any resolution is bound to fail, so that's what i need to get.
    Curiously, a resolution could be described as just that, "resolve", not something you hear in a sentence in that context anymore, its not problem solving or concluding, it's "resolve", determination, focus and motivation.
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    I blew my account out last year and I was forced to get a job. My resolution last year was to make it back to trading, this time with a quantifiable edge.

    Yeah, I hear you. If anything, I need less motivation and resolve because I don't do anything half way, and that has its consequences too.

    IMO, unless you are extraordinarily gifted, sucess in any endeavor requires several ingridients to be present mostly at once, but people underestimate the power of a little luck. I am not a lucky person by nature, but I have found that for people like me, it is even more imperative that we are prepared for that one day in ten years when we get lucky. You only understand that if it happens to you.

  4. Two neighbors with the same size yard begin mowing their respective lawns at the same time. Storm clouds gather, "looks like rain" neighbor number one thinks to himself. "I better step up the pace if I hope to finish before it starts raining".

    Neighbor two continues mowing, under the same conditions but maintains his usual pace.

    Neighbor one finishes mowing, put his mower in the garage and it starts to rain. He thinks to himself, "Gees, I sure am lucky. I beat the rain".

    Neighbor number two, still mowing in the rain and thinks, "I have the worst luck".
  5. Avoid losers, that's a good one. But sheesh, they are, after all - my kids. Maybe it's a phase. They'll grow out of it? :eek:
  6. '30lbs' is so arbitrary. how much would you need to lose to get your BMI to say 20?
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    I have no idea what BMI means, or what it is. I just know that if I lost 30 lbs, I would be at more or less my normal weight.

  8. Assuming you wish to lose weight for health reasons wouldn't a proven metric be more reasonable than simply "oh about 30lbs"?

    i suspect you are overweight by about 80lbs.
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    If I lost 80 lbs, I would weight less than I did when I was 13 years old, and I was thin then.

    I don't agree with your premise that your metric is the correct and only correct way to measure health. Even amongst experts, it changes every year what is or isn't good for you.

    Further, since you don't know what body type I am (ectomorph etc), I question your capacity for making deductions, since that is a necessary (though not sufficient) input to any "are you healthy" model that simply takes weigth into consideration [and not a thorough physical.]


  10. i didn't say the metric was 'correct', or perfect only that it is better than yours.

    i am surprised you say this. And disappointed. A man of science would never say such a thing because he understands the nature of science. The best info we have now is the best that we can hope to do, right?

    I know you are not a mesomorph. So we can exclude this.

    An endomorph is simply the excuse for 'nutritional' overindulgence. And we know you are no ectomorph for the simple reason, ipso fatso, you are admittedly overweight :) (elementary my dear watson, elementary)

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