New Year Resolution.

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by rateesquad, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. I am surprised that no one has yet come up with this thread title.
    But here it goes.

    My New Year resolution is: Stop betting against the trend in FOREX only, other markets are allowed.

    What is your New Year Resolution?
  2. fusionz


    -trade more aggressively
    -be less distracted during lull hours
  3. MattF


    -Trade as many hours as I can

    -Develop into at least 2 more strategies/areas

    -Make lots of $$$ (wait, that's a given :p )
  4. doli


    Buy 500000 yen.
    Parlay it into 1000000 yen trading the Singapore nikkei 225 futures.
  5. After the US elections I decided to help only those that don't want to screw me (higher taxes). I called all my clients and chit chatted with them. I asked them what they thought of the elections. Those that were happy with the results will be receiving a letter today telling them that their account has been closed effective with the close of business today. Also stopped all charity contributions to get ready for higher taxes. Also sold all my winning equity investments since I'll be paying at a higher rate in 2007. I'm meeting tomorrow with my CTA to see what else I should be doing. If 2007 is as good to me as 2006 was, I'll be VERY happy.
  6. Why are other markets allowed?
  7. bellman


    trade more frequently. i've been writing and painting too often during trading hours. it's my only chance to express my creative side. i work nights (not trading). i'm just going to have to sacrifice for a little while. trade when i can trade, work when i have to work, and paint/write on the weekends. optimize my days. that is my new years resolution.