New Year Contest: oldschool chart - guess it right & win $20

Discussion in 'Trading' started by oldschool, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. 5 year chart, it's an index
    HINT: think outside the box or at least move it around
    I've used this for 20 years.

    first correct answer wins $20 via PayPal

    if nobody gets it right, everyone who tried send me 0.25c via PayPal

    calling all bashers

    Happy New Year Losers

    ...lmao...j/k...w/o losers, I can't eat.

    ps: deadline for entry:
    New Years Day 00:00:01 1/1/2008
  2. duh
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  3. just so I don't get toooo flamed,

    chance of getting it right:

    if you're God: duh

    if you're an ET guru: 1 in 7? I have no f'in clue.
    this is my best guess-timate AND you need some creativity along with your Einstein math and analytical skills.

    it obviously gets worse for the rest of you...:cool:
  4. Icarus5


    No clue.

    Give us a hint:





    Come on, let's narrow it down a bit. At least be willing to tell us if we are getting hotter or colder.

  5. Easy, I thought it was going to be hard. I will admit without the numbers it took a little bit of time.

    I then did a check on my chart on my computer and it was clear. that is the chart of the equity in my trading account for the last year.

    So the REAL question now is how did you get a copy of it??????

    Happy new year to you and yours !!
  6. As long as it's not your equity curve I guess everything is just fine :)
  7. Icarus5


    LOL :p
  8. Upside down flipped chart of the Dow Jones.
  9. It's the price of pot or coke.
  10. montysky


    Pretty close.

    It's the upside-down chart of the S&P 500 from Google finance. You see the 2 notches on the right where he cropped out the "1400" and "1600"?

    Sorry to spoil the fun so early.

    #10     Dec 29, 2007