new XP Pro install, why Unallocated space ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Wallace, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. new 160 GB drive, new install of XP Pro, format - NTFS gives:

    C: 127.99 GB . . . 21.06 GB Unallocated = 149.05 GB total
    free space is 122.54 GB - - 5.45 GB installed programs

    i don't need the Unallocated 21.06 GB but want to know
    how, why was it created ? and where's the missing 10.95 GB ?
  2. Probably from a previous installation. Did you have linux or another OS on your hard drive? Some PC Makers put on a rescue partition I think HP and Dell may do this. Anyway, Windows should be able to delete that partition and then you can install XP on the entire space
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    Drive manufacturers use a base10 gigabyte while the OS reports it as a base2 gigabyte.

    160,000,000 / 1024^2 = 152.58
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  7. If you slipstream SP3 into the WindowsXP install CD, you'll be able to have 48-bit LBA and format a partition to full-capacity.