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  1. Hello Friends,

    I need to buy a new Windows desktop.

    A few quick questions;

    1. Would you recommend purchasing a trading desktop with MS Vista installed or should I purchase one with Windows XP?

    2. What are recommended specs for a super-high performance trading desktop?

    3. What's the best way to transfer files, settings, Internet bookmarks, etc from one old laptop/desktop to a new one?

    4. Each time I purchase a new PC/laptop - it's a nightmare transferring my MS Outlook files and settings. Can you please recommend a safe and efficient way to transfer my Outlook settings/files?

    5. How can I automatically sync my office desktop with my home/travel laptop

    Many many thanks
  2. Bought a new vista installed comp from Dell.. It was a complete nightmare. My execution software did not support vista... (and still does not.) Qcharts supports vista, but have had numerous problems.

    Returned the vista installed Dell for a XPS 410 with xp pre-installed.... 0 problems. The internet even seemed faster, although i am sure microsoft would dispute that.
  3. I've read that Dell has gone back to including OS and driver disks with new computers rather than that stupid "recovery partition". Did you get disks with yours?
  5. If you order it under the Small Business section, they will include an XP disk with it. Under home unless it has changed, they usually include nothing, or you have to pay an extra $10 and then you get the stupid recovery partition.
  7. Thanks gnome.

    Instead of the XPS 410 what would you recommend as high-performance?
  8. I don't really know. I've favored Dells for several years.

    Are you sure you would benefit from "high-performance"? Most trading apps don't require it.

    Most high performance rigs would be described as 'gamer' computers... but they're usually too noisy for trading with all their cooling fans.
  9. Thanks again, gnome.

    So what model would you recommend for best performance as a trading/office productivity desktop?

    Many Thanks.
  10. I have Dell Dimension 8300s (top of that line in their day), and they're just fine.

    All but the cheapest computers have enough horsepower to handle trading and office activities, so you can save some money if you want.

    However, if you plan to run multi-monitors for trading, I suggest you avoid computers with "onboard video".

    If I were looking to buy one today, I'd first check out any of the normal deals on Dell Dimenstion 9200, or XPS 410 with Win XP Pro.... Also Dell Precision 390 would be good.... unless your're SURE you need more computing horsepower for your apps. If so, you may want to widen your search.

    Oops... I wrote from memory about the mobo on XPS 410 vs Dimension 9200... they probably have the same one. It's the Precision 390 which has the PS/2 and parallel ports...
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