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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Tyler_EFT, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. I was just hoping to get a little feedback on our new website. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. Baron

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    The new one looks better and loads much faster than the old one. Good job.

    I think it would be beneficial if there was a paragraph underneath "Welcome to eFloorTrade" that gives users a brief description of what eFloorTrade is and what its core services are. You may also want to mention what makes eFloorTrade different from other firms.

    Then you can use the "services" section of the site to go into more detail.
  3. DaveN



    Great! The website is very fast, and friendly to those of us that prefer alternate browsers like Opera. It's very clean and professional looking. I like it!

    My only suggestion is that the blue on dark blue for the menus on the left is a little tough to see.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. We'll have to get a thread going for feedback/requests for our new trading software as well. I know the ET members would have some good ideas for that!
  5. Just so you know it looks great in Netscape but in IE its overpowering. Considering Netscape has less than 5% of the browser market share you may want to look into this. I like the site in Netscape but since I don't like switching browsers I wont be back unless the format is change to be more eye friendly in IE.

    :) Carol
  6. jeffm



    The new site looks good. Much better layout than the old.

    Quick note: ES and NQ aren't listed on the margin page.
  7. nitro


    Out of curiosity:

    1) Why are there no comission schedules to be found any where?
    2) What advantage does efloor provide over InterActive Brokers?

    If you prefer, you can PM me.


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    Do you use Opera with a Unix or Linux machine?
  9. DaveN


    Hi sub7slak,

    Nope. Win2000 Pro on all four of my machines on the network.
  10. Nitro,
    Rates are on the website under account plans. Commissions can vary depending on volume, account size, etc.

    We are a full service broker at discount rates. We are now offering automated execution of multiple systems from one computer. All of our customers receive access to two different trading platforms, both using different servers. So if one platform goes down, customers can still trade through the other one. We also have 2 order desks in case of emergencies. We also offer access to open outcry markets that can be used to offset risk in case globex goes down.
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