New WealthScript coding module!!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by saxon, May 26, 2003.

  1. saxon


    To all you coding illiterates out there,

    I just received this reply to an email I sent to WealthLab about including a WealthScript "wizard" in a future release.

    Looks like they're gonna do it!!

    A major relief for users like me who don't know a bracket from a semi-colin.

    Thought I would pass this along to you all. Haven't seen it yet, but if it makes the job of coding trading systems any easier, that would be VERY welcome news.



    Great news!! Can't wait!


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    We will exactly add this to WLD3 (July)! And we will even call it the “Wizard”. I am using WLD3 all the time and since I am not a programmer it is a VERY big help for me.

    If you have any further question please let me know.


    Volker Knapp
    Wealth-Lab Inc.

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    I'm all set to start learning WealthScript; but as my head is spinning a bit at the thought of how proficient I'll need to be in order to describe the somewhat complicated trading systems I want to test, I thought I would ask:

    Do you have any plans to create a WealthScript "wizard" that would allow the selection of parameters from pull-down menus, etc., and then create the script automatically? Or are there any 3rd party programs that will do that?

  2. YAY!!!! I'm happier than a school girl in a candy store!!!!