New ways to play gold, 3 new ETNs...

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    Thursday, 6 Mar 2008
    New Ways to Play Gold
    Posted By:Bob Pisani
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    Gold's at a new high, what to do? How about shorting gold with a new Exchange-Traded product?

    Talk about timing--a few days ago Deutsche Bank launched three new Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs) linked to a gold index they maintain.

    Wanna go long gold? How about doubling your bet? The DB Gold Double Long ETN Deutsche Bank AG (London Branch) DGP gives you two times the monthly performance of the gold index plus a monthly T-bill index return, which is one of the factors that distinguishes an ETF from an ETN.

    If this whole gold rally sounds suspect to you, weak dollar or not, how about shorting the whole thing? The DB Gold Short ETN Deutsche Bank AG (London Branch) DGZ offers the inverse of the old index plus a T-bill index return.

    And if you're really convinced the rise in gold is a sham try the DB Gold Double Short ETN Deutsche Bank AG (London Branch)