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the call it is

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  1. hi guys
    i am have new trend starting to make nice pips
    this call it is SWING trade
    whats means?

    this call make a lot of pips so think about

    long nzdjpy

    entry above 60.30
    stoploss 59.90 just 40pips risk

    oportunity to make more than +200 pips
    next threads discusse about exit call

    good luck!
  2. look the market
    market selloff of nzd
    buyoff of jpy

    next move it is check level of support of NJ in the zone >59.90
    if support work then market start to buyoff NJ

    NJ quote now= 60.27 in my broker
    *****testing support to LONG******
  3. look NZD guys

    i am wait best point of entry (big hands are selling NZD to reach support to long)

    after SELLOFF on NZD market are waiting to BUYOFF of NZD

    in the moment you see BUYOFF of NZD that it is the best point of entry

    stay tunned°!!!!!!!!

  4. exactly situation happend with jpy

    but inverse

    i am wait to start SELLOFF of jpy

    stay tuned!!!!
  5. ALERT!!!

    NJ minimum 59.99 probable minimum all candels start to reverse
  6. abort call
  7. alert*
    posibility of usdcad short swing
  8. explanation of posible call

    usd buyoff last week
    cad have mix strengh

    i am think can get nice pips in 4-10 days swing shorting usdcad

    last week strengh was:

    i am think if you see previous post NJ can make some nice Swing but dont happend
    after last hours selloff of cad i am think big hands are think in make buyoff of cad
    so usdcad short have sense
    good luck

  9. first step put hard stoploss

    i am think in 1.0520 value
    posible entry point 1.0470-1.0480
    the idea is just risk 40-50 pips and try to make more than +200 pips

    so RRR= rate risk reward is 200/50=4 at least

    i am love swing trades because have great RRR

    i am need confirmation of call
    the confirmation will be when big hands decide make buyoff of cad

    stay tunned!
  10. about take profit

    see big picture of usdcad

    from 07.06 1.0675 down to minimum to 08.05 1.0109
    fibo 23,6% can be safe exit 1.0240 from entry point =1.0480-1.0240=+240 pips of profits cool exit

    if you trace line trend from maximum 05.25 1.0852 my entry point are in the maximum of trendline
    see picture
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