new wave of terrorism

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  1. Perhaps incidents such as these are the underlying reasons why Bloomberg is creating Pedestrian plazas.

    Need a safe place for people to retreat to with no vehicular traffic, etc
  2. The oil rig incident could have been sabotage by the Leftists and Environmental whackos.

    If you think about how they might have benefited, seem plausible.
  3. All of these protests about Arizona's immigration policy...

    Could it be it's been WHIPPED INTO A (supposed) RACIAL ISSUE.. when it's clearly a law enforcement* issue? (At least, that's my take from all the comments I've heard.) Who would do that and why? How about... the Leftists fanning the flames of race to make immigration reform which is favored by the Democrats... easier for us to accept?

    What the Feds SHOULD do is block and patrol the border.... enforce our immigration laws which are already on the books. Why don't they do that? How about, "because the Democrats want to curry the Latino vote"?

    So.... if we're not going to enforce our laws and prevent illegal immigration... and we surely don't want to be called RACIST... the ONLY solution is to give everybody amnesty, grant residency and citizenship... then let them suck from our social programs... Surely ALL THAT would be enough to ingratiate the Latino community to vote Democrat, don't you think? :mad:

    *Federal law has for many years required immigrants with a green card to carry it on their person at all times. There aren't any racial demonstrations over THAT law. The AZ law mostly commands that this Federal law be enforced locally.
  4. Absurder and absurder...

    Scat, you really need to stop embarrassing yourself.
  5. US leftists don't really go in for blowing up Teamsters and despite past acts of terrorism and sabotage ecoterrorists are shy of causing massive environmental destruction, no we can be rest assured BP's piss poor safety record will be the likely suspect. Incidentally Tony Hayward was brought in to knock BP's safety standards and image abroad into shape but it looks like he has a way to go.
  6. Illum


    Seems some Pakistanis taking credit