New Videocard: PCie 16x, 128 bit, DH, passive

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Bernard111, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. I'm currently using Nvidia NVS 285 videocards .

    Which would would be the natural path of upgrade for another card with these characteristics:

    - PCIe x16
    - 128 bit
    - at least 128 Mb RAM
    - at least 350/400 Mhz RAMDAC
    - dual/multiscreen support
    - Passive headsink (no fan noise allowed!)

    Any alternative with the above specs apart the Nvidia NVS 440?
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  5. You've already go the best card for trading. I'd stick with NVS if I were you. Anything else is more likely to degrade your system, not improve it.
  6. What is wrong with the NVS 285? I'm curious, because I almost went with the Nvidia NVS a while back.
  7. gnome, I know you are favorable to NVS cards; in fact I chose the NVS 285 on the past thanks to your suggestions... :D

    .. but why do you expect a degradation of performance switching to one of those alternative 128-bit videocards?
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