NEW VIDEO: Proof Bin Laden Death Another Gov’t Lie

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    Good clip. I agree with 98% of what he says EXCEPT for the fact that Osama was dead some time ago. I am a former Marine Officer, and have a close Family member (also USMC Officer), and Friends in some "interesting" positions in the US DOD. Osama Was killed recently by Navy Seal Team Six. The dead thug was seen by many sailors and Marines on the deck of the carrier, and all I will say is it was most certainly him.

    Also, that "death" pic in the beginning of the clip IS NOT real. The real scumbag Osama had much more head trauma than that pic portrays.

    Again, I like the message in the clip. The only flaw is the part where Osama was apparently dead years ago. Just not true. He was killed by SEAL Team Six members. The last thing through his mind was a 5.56 round out of an M4.

    I wish this mission could have gone down during the Bush administration, but I guess Odumba is going to get credit for the kill... So far, he's up 11% in the polls after the kill mission. If the economy improves, I'm scared we will be stuck with a lame duck socialsit, and that one keeps me up at night.:eek: I pray some common sense candidate comes forth soon who can un-seat him as we need help.
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    Oooooh MY GOODNESS!.............................Might have guessed this would show up here on ET.

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    Yes, it's certainly politics and religion material, no question. Pretty good clip, but just not true about osama being dead for years. Now the government lying, and trying to make the US into a socialist police state I believe.

    Our Founding Fathers would be doing backflips in their graves if they knew what has been done to THEIR Country by out of control government!:mad:
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    Not just the people who founded the country, what about all those brave soldiers from WWI and WWII, Korea, and Vietnam?

    Spilled their guts for these SHITHEAD THUGS controlling the government.
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    So TRUE! Plus me in Desert Storm as an Enlisted Marine and Iraq twice as an Officer (Mustang)

    Lost many Friends, and sweat like crazy when I sleep. Went through alcoholism three years ago, and am beating it, but the visions, sounds, and smells still remain... One thing is for sure, I don't care to ever see the middle east again as long as I am alive!!!!

    You know, all I want for Christmas is my Country back! This police state we are living in has got to go. When will Americans take back their Country? It has to happen, and someday will... Hopefully soon.
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    Yeah, respect is due to all who have served. I was mentioning the older vets who served before the USA got as bad as it is these past few years.
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    Yes, those guys who spilled their blood by the thousands, and thousands in WWII are my true Heros! They had balls that clanked when they walked!

    The Korean Veterans in that frozen mess, Heros!

    The Vietnam Veterans, Heros!

    This Country has a government that has run far out of control starting (imo) in the 1960's, and has gotten so bad to date, that we are almost living in a police state... The Earlier noted Veterans aren't happy about it one bit! Maybe John Kerry, but not too many else are happy with this mess...:(

    Something has to change, and not Odumba's kind of bullshit "change" either. The change imo, needs to be drastic and swift restoring the US Constitution to what it was put in place for, and replacing these scumbags in government with common sense people who could do a much better job at assisting the States. After all, that is what the govt. is supposed to be here for; to assist the States, not rape and pillage them...
  8. CIA had 3 separate assets they used for the past 9 years to film the numerous fake bin laden videos. I am pretty darn sure we just killed one of the poor lackey's.....and look at the shit looking crack house he was hold up in.......HILARIOUS!!! :eek:

    EVERYONE I know still "in the game" says this was a show.....and that seems very very probable to me! :cool:
  9. so why "kill" osama now?
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