New video game needed for x-mas

Discussion in 'Politics' started by PHOENIX TRADING, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Evidently I've got some time on my hands and I'd like a good wholesome Christmas present that could deliver hours of entertainment.

    I'd love to have me a first person shooter game whose mission is to recall the President with extreme prejudice.

    ahh censorship what can you do?

    I guess there's always a dart board.

    Send me your suggestions thanks.
  2. jem


    if you like sci fi stories and first person shooters...
    mass effect 2 then 3 might consume all you free time.

    if you like a strategy turn based game... Xcom gets really absorbing once... you get a feel for game. It is sort of like playing risk and chess vs the alien invaders. Its not really an action shooter... but i thought it was better my kids seem to agree. (unless they are doing multiplayer)

    not that I play my kids games or anything.
  3. Lucrum


    The indoor range I go to offers a wide variety of targets. I keep hoping they'll offer one with Obama on it.
  4. newwurldmn


    It's old but heavy rain is the sickest game I have ever played. Great story and really intense. Also unique gameplay and there are like 25 very different endings (from everyone in the story getting killed to happily ever after.)

    Good wife game because for her it's like watching a movie.
  5. Sounds like you could have a real winner there PT. I'm sure there are a great many troubled minded individuals like yourself out there who would get an arousal seeing such a gift pulled from their stocking.

    I have a suggestion for the title: "Sick Fuck" ;)
  6. dcvtss


    I've been playing it, it's fun but I don't think it is as intense as the original 1994 version which I played heavily. But it is nice not having to micromanage as much.
  7. jem


    I had ceased playing video games after doom. I never played xcom back then.

    I worked for myself and started trading back then, the market took over my free time.

    So the xbox xcom was new to me... and I thought great.

    I should also note... I am learning Guitar with GuitarSmith for the xbox.
    I think that game is genius.