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    I've read some reviews and they all said that it's superior than previous one (G450).

    Has anyone seen the performance of this new multi-monitor video card?

    Since It has just been released, should I wait a little more before I buy it, so bugs can be found and fixed? or it doesn't matter bacause if any bug arises all I have to do is get a newer driver...????

    Also, The price of this Video Card ranges from $ 125 to $140.
    All of you who uses multi-monitor, could I get a better video card for this range of price...or even a little more expensive (up to $200)? Appian...Ati Radeon...Nvidia Geforce..etc..etc


    links for g550 review:

    Link to a comparison between Ati Radeon, Nvidia Geforce and Matrox G450:
  2. Do you know a website where they compare the prices
    of those G550 on online shops ??

    Do you know if this model is also available in PCI
    version ?
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    i had a bad experience with ATI radeon dual head

    i returned it and tried another - it was worse..the ATI marketing is good - i was convinced that it was a perfect card, the reality was much different
  5. Aranha


    HAs anyone tried the new Matrox G550 yet? Good performance? Bad?


    Raphael Aranha
  6. Anyone had any experience running 2 Matrox G200 8MB PCI? I have an older motherboard with shared video memory. A techie at one of the net shops claims this setup is superior to the 450. TIA.
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    The 550 is no better for trading than the 450. Do you think it will make your trade decisions for you? I'm runnin'two 450's on four 21" monitors (wish i had 8), and I can see the quotes. That's all the performance I need from my video cards.

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    When I asked about the G550, I wanted to know if anyone has ever tried it, and also If they had good or bad experiences...since this is a brand new release, It could have Bugs to fix.

    Now, regarding to what you said:
    "Do you think it will make your trade decisions for you?"

    Well, I don't think the video card will make trade decisons for me, but if the video card crashes/ could definetely DECIDE that my trade will be ruined!!! Simple as that!

    Never is too much to know all about what your going to buy.

    And YES! The G550 is better than the G450, look at the reviews in the beggining of this thread.

    Btw, what machine are you using?

    All the Best

    Raphael Aranha
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    go to and check out their messageboard (very active one) there you will find other customers who are using it and can have questions answered by tech support that lurkes on the board

    hope that helps
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    ATHLON 1.4 GhrZ
    1024 megs RAM
    Dual 60 Gig Hard Drives in a RAID config
    Cable w/DSL backup
    All the bells & whistles etc.

    My system is custom from

    They do a quality job.

    Good luck to you.


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