New Video Card : 6 Outputs

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  2. Or, get 2x Radeon 5450 (3 outputs each) for a fraction of the price.
  3. PowerColor works on a 5 port card - for about 1/2.5th of the price (EUR 175is compared to EUR 550ish - same in USD for you americans).

    PowerCOlor EyeFinity 5 - 5770 chipset.

    Not as powerfull, but good enoug for trading / playing games with 3 screens.

    So, the 6 version is something more for gamers - because you have the 3d power to push all 6 monitors as one.

    But for trading, the PowerCOlor 5 is a lot more sensible.

    ETA is likely next month ;) Once the 6 monitpr card is available.

  4. At $500 a piece, this 6in1 card seems a bit expensive. The video card itself is almost half that of a mid-high end box. For trading (mostly 2D graphics), the alternative may be more economical.

    3 x PCIeX16 cards for 6 mons, about $50 x 3 = $150
  5. Carefull with "2d". Windows 7 - and later versions - render the desktop in 3d with heavy GPU support ;)

    That said, it definitely uses a lot less ressources than ral 3d. THat high end card is purely for gaming ;) 2 of them (crossfire) give even decent framerates over 6 screens - amazing powerfull.

    I will get the 5 screen cards the moment they get out ;)
  6. With most LCD monitors, there's too much plastic border space. If you work with pixel precision you're going to hate using this as a video solution.
    You will have to go out and buy 6 new monitors with borderless screens setting you back, oh $4000 at least.

    But the most stupidest thing is this:

    Do you sit in front of your 72" widescreen television 3 feet from away from your nose? Thats what you are doing here. Your whole peripheral vision is going to get so out of whack as you use this over time.

    Three monitors laid horizontally is fine. But two rows of three monitors displaying one frame buffer is impractical for desktop use.
  7. Acutally the setup I plan on using is:

    Dell 2007 FP's, 20.2"

    3 vertical side by side, 2 horizontal on top
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    Nice. The Dell 2007FP is a true 1600x1200 classic. How do you plan to mount/position the top two horizontally above the others? With an Ergotron stand or the like?
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    Does the Radeon 5450 have a version which supports three displays in digital mode (say, 2 DVI and 1 DisplayPort), or is it limited to 1 DVI, 1 VGA and 1 DVI (with HDMI-to-DVI adaptor)?
  10. Yeah, i love them. I Hope sopon for a Dell 2012 or so that has native displayport.

    The idea is an Ergotron or somthing like that - not sure yet. I would love something that support 5 and 6 monitors, tiled or not - something flexible ;) Let's see whether I get it.

    One problem I have with the setup is video. I can hardly run a nice video on the side on vvertical screens, and the horizontal ones are very high up - more for totally side stuff.
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