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    Dear trader/partner,

    Following the settlement agreement with TT (for more details click here Strategy Runner is launching Strategy Runner v2.3 with a new version of it's Market Depth.
    Trading Pad , which is always centralized on ask/bid dynamic market depth, that does not fall under the category of infringing static market depth software.

    As described in the above referenced press release, SR Clients and FCM will not be subject to the TT MD Trader patent royalties for use of the Trading Pad software, and TT has agreed not to sue users of the Trading Pad software for infringement of the MD trader patents in connection with use of the product.

    New Indicators , Strategy Runner v2.3 is a now fully equipped technical analyses tool with over 40 different indicators

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    Important Note: if you are experiencing problems uploading this version, please use this direct link:

    Free Trial (14 days)

    Version 3.0 is coming soon!

    Strategy Runner v3.0 new features will include:
    trading from charts, multiple charts for single contract, multiple expiration months, support of exchange spreads, advanced stop orders, single reboot, and much more