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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by laocoon, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. The letters/numbers on the DOM are so small I could hardly see anything. This right now looks like some generic POS order software you get from Transact or something.

    And DOM is a very important part since thats what someone might look at all day. No matter what other improvements were made, the whole thing sucks because of the DOM. Whoever redesigned this DOM, what the hell were they thinking?

    Please think about keeping NT v.4 open for a little while longer if nothing is going to be done about this DOM.
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  2. skepticaltrader

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    yes... I agree with laocoon fully. There is really no reason for the SuperDom window to be larger since there is no added information within this window.

    A question to Shadowpug. Is there away that we can continue to use V4 of Ninjatrader after the 1st of the year, or unless Ninjatrader comes out with an option to decrease the size of it V5 SuperDom window to match that of V4?
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  3. The individual price rectangles in the DOM are so small. No matter how big you make the font, its so tightly bound together. The price windows (rectangles) are so small, while DOM is way too big (width wise).
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  4. laocoon


    I agree....I look at the DOM 6 hours a day and the V.4 is easy to use/read & pleasant to the eye...the new one is giving me a is much bigger (for no reason) while the characters are actually smaller....this makes no sense....and no, increasing the font size is not a solution because the whole DOM window should be much smaller anyway.

    The old display of the quick action buttons was also much more intuitive. I don't like the fact that now you have to press either on Ctrl or Shift first before they appear....every additional click makes trading more of a hassle....
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  5. Quah


    Kiwi's DOM doesn't seem to be connected to any feed - I'd be willing to bet that why his memory usage is different from everyone else.
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  6. Ray, can you keep NT v.4 open little while longer?
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  7. laocoon


    Let me just say the following:

    NT V.4 is a world-class front-end has everything I want and follows the Bauhaus philosopy (form follows function).

    Please don't mess it up (V.5 as it is today is a big step back in terms of design and ease of use).

    I have been a huge fan of V.4 and a power user for almost 2 years and I really don't want to shop around for another front-end, so please listen to your customers.....or at least give them a choice by allowing them to keep V.4

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  8. skepticaltrader

    skepticaltrader Guest

    e-signal allows its users to use old versions. Why not allow Ninjatrader users to use older versions such as V4 if they so choose.

    The users that want to upgrade to V5 can so if they so desire, but why take away V4 that so many traders enjoy and are custom to it?

    Please continue to support V4, until the majority of traders are happy with upgrading to V5.

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  9. DOM is ineffective. I cannot see if the bids are being hit at or asks are being hit at since the last order executed is in the middle. With that to the side, it was a lot easier to see, and without much thought.
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  10. Its a pain in the ass to move STOPs, and PROFIT targets. You have to actually click on it and scroll it back and forth as oppossed to just clicking it where you want it to be. Thats a big part of my trading.
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