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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by laocoon, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. laocoon


    Hi there

    I just installed the new V.5 of Ninja Trader (officially released this morning) and was wondering if anybody already has some feedback to give about it...

    I'll give my comments as soon as I manage to connect to IB....(I'm still stuck there)

  2. laocoon


    After a couple of mails to and from Ninja Support, I still can't connect the new Ninja to IB.....

    Did no other IB user try out the new version yet?
  3. ozzy


    Yes. I also use IB and had no serious problems with the new version. I noticed some speed degradation on my PC while using it (I'm not sure if Ninja was the root of the problem, I need a few more days to test it out). Otherwise it looks good.
  4. laocoon


    May I ask how you managed to create the new account within Ninja? I followed the instructions of the wizard but Ninja only lets me choose between DTNIQ & eSignal as data feed sources, but I want to use IB.
  5. jessop


    Given my recent experience with the IB TWS, I think I'll leave it 3-4 weeks before upgrading to Ninja V5.

    Its the old 'bleeding edge of technology' argument for me everytime.

  6. ozzy


    Hi Ray.

    I noticed a delay of 0.25-0.5s (random, not consistently) between the IB booktrader and the Ninja DOM. I'm not sure if this a problem with my system or Ninja? Also, is the new version more resource intensive than the prior version (without charting).

    Thanks and Regards.

    P.S I'm running an AMD BARTON 2500+ and I have 2GIG's of RAM.
  7. i tried ninja with mb trading and found that ninja trader changes all my options in mb preferences - so when you get out of ninja and login mb platform - all preferences are changed to ninja defaults - not good...
  8. laocoon


    I'm having the same problem...the new NT version is definitely more resource-intensive than the old one, the "Feel of Speed" is much slower and the Windows Task Manager proves it....the Memory usage is higher than before....this is a real problem.

    NT V.4: approx. 15'000 K
    NT V.5: Approx 45'000 K

    Furthermore, the new DOM window is bigger than the old one (for no reason), wasting precious screen real estate.

    The quick action buttons are also gone...they were one of the best features of Ninja...

    And what I really don't understand: why is Ninja going the "IB Way", ie, incorporating charting into its platform....

    I can only speak for myself but I'm sure other traders feel the same....WE DON'T WANT a bells and whistles all-in-one platform...we want a super-light and thus super-fast order execution front-end, that's it.....

    I used to be a big fan of Ninja, but the new release doesn't convince me.....I really would like to keep the old one but this is apparently impossible as of Jan 1, 2006
  9. NinjaTrader_Dierk

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    1) The only MBT Navigator options which NT changes are "Confirm order placement", "Confirm order cancellation" and "Confirm change orders". They are set to OFF by NT.
    2) This was true for NT4 as well.
    3) Next release of NT5 will restore these options to previous settings on disconnecting.
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    NT4 is 28 MB with one dome.
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