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    Hi Everyone,

    In the upcoming 2-3 weeks we will gradually release to all brokers Strategy Runner v2.3.0.

    The two main additions to this version are:
    1. 35 new indicators

    2. Strategy Runner's "TradingPad" technology -our new Dynamic Level 2 trading component.

    Here is the list of the new indicators:

    1. AD
    2. AD Oscillator
    3. ADXR
    4. Aroon
    5. Aroon Oscillator
    6. ATR
    7. Bollinger bands
    8. CCI
    9. CLV
    10. Directional Movement
    11. DX
    12. Exponential MA
    13. KAMA
    14. Linear Regression
    15. MA
    16. MACD
    17. Maximum
    18. MFI
    19. MidPoint
    20. MidPrice
    21. Minimum
    22. Momentum
    23. Momentum Divergence
    24. OBV
    25. PVO
    26. ROC
    27. RSI
    28. Stochastic Fast
    29. T3
    30. TEMA
    31. True Range
    32. TRIMA
    33. TSF
    34. Volume (new)
    35. Williams %R

    Thank you,

    SR Support Team
  2. Woodies CCI?
  3. Is there a difference between Woodies CCI to a regular CCI?
  4. I'd like to see an indicator on stragety runner that has something with "buy-sell signal indicators", instead of us having to study the charts, incicators, and figure out the signals ourselves. Something like AdvancedGET or Kwik-pops or tradeguider, futuresource workstation. Something that tells us when to buy and sell and then we can look at our own indicators that you also provide us with stragety runner and compare them and then make our own buying and selling decision.
  5. No. Same thing. Woodies is just a chat room that uses the original CCI as an indicator. Same thing.
  6. Does stragety runner have free add-ons for their charting package? Maybe somebody could somebody program woodies CCI and add it to their stragety runner? They do this for esignal and tradestation.

    If there is an add on download section for stragety runner, where is it? All I see is paid automated systems that most likely don't work, that's why they are selling them. A free stragety runner add on section anywhere?

    Or how can we program our own strageties? Some charting packages make it easy for people to program their own strageties into the software. Does stragety runner allow people to do this this? How?
  8. What indicator in strategy runner is comparable to the LSMA - least square moving average? The one with the dots going across. That turn green or red when a trade sets up.