New - US will help FNM & FRE, not LEH and MER

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  1. There is "too big to fail" and "we are so politically connected, don't even think about us failing".

    The US Treasury has always been the put option behind FNM and FRE and now the put has been exercised.

    Quasi-governmental corporations are plain and simple nonsense.
  2. check out the LEH price action.....any opinions?
  3. "Wall Street will get a better sense of how concerned investors are with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's future immediately Monday morning. Freddie Mac is scheduled to hold its weekly debt auction beginning at 8 a.m. EDT. The auction closes at 9:45 a.m., shortly after U.S. markets open."

    Anyone know how this went?

  4. It will close deeply red.
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    doesn't look good.....i shorted but didnt take advatage of it...thinking it would bounce at any second..i covered wayy too early...peace
  6. when do we get capitulation? looking close
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    dont buy this looking at GS
  8. regarding Paulson's proposal, will that possibly have a side effect of helping LEH because it will help stabilize the mortgage market in general?
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