New ultra low fee prop firm opening!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

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    NEW Right Trading LLC** Nigerian office has opened up and here is a picture of the main office. They offer pairs trading, a 3 day class and online/offline boot camp(as needed and depending on insurgent activity)

    They clear through Gouldman Sacks, and Redyplus platform is available.*

    They offer up to 1 billion in ZMB for your use "not to abuse". So YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN STRATEGIES THAT ACTUALLY WORK

    Funding via Western Union, US currency automatically converted into ZMB.

    Picture of new branch office, Facebook access also offered.


    Here is Dom Perignon He opened up this firm and will provide excellent coaching.

    *Not affiliated with Goldman Sachs.
    ** Not affiliated with Bright Trading
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    Hilarious. There's actually a lot of truth in your post.
  3. LEAPup


    Lol! Wait til' Mav gets ahold of this thread!:D
  4. Noticed Oliver Velez, and remember my last post. He'l going to be live at the trader expo. Good time to catch up with him, ask for your money, stop others from getting screwed around big time.

  5. With due respect to ET for accepting advertising.

    Did I see a Pristine ad again? This surely is not Oliver Velez or Vaccarro yet again? I was afraid to click the link, seriously. They're not pushing that old nonsense again? Where is the outrage from all the traders who had their money taken?

    Is it another group? Using the same name? I doubt it.

  6. Before wiring money to Nigeria, you're crazy not to check out the venerable firm of Shill Securities. It's well known to all oldtimers on ET.


    Shill Securities, converting your account equity to commissions, one trade at a time.

    Training available.

    "We cheat the other guy and share it with you."

    Check out our referral program. Misery loves company.

    We specialize in front running, busted trades, "lost" ECN rebates and mystery fees.

    100-1 leverage available for qualified accounts through our Rehypothecation Division.

    All clearing handled through Madoff Securities.

  7. Geez AAA...i haven't been on here in years but my old creation lives on LMAO..thanks for making my day!!!