New U.S. House: Women and minorities to the left; white men to the right

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    New U.S. House: Women and minorities to the left; white men to the right

    Washington (CNN) -- When the incoming U.S. House freshmen of the 113th Congress take their class photo, the image will reflect two very different visions of the nation.

    On the Democratic side: Women and minorities -- a coalition that, along with young voters, largely helped re-elect President Barack Obama -- collectively will for the first time in the nation's history outnumber white male Democrats.

    On the Republican side: The majority of the House seats will be held by white men -- a group which far outnumbers the now dwindled numbers of House GOP women and minorities after the losses of two minority members and about a half dozen women from that caucus.

    "They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well the picture that you see before you is worth millions of votes, millions of aspirations and dreams of the American people for problem-solvers to come to Washington to get to the job done, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in welcoming the incoming freshman class

    "Today we officially welcome our Democratic freshmen to Washington. They are extraordinary leaders who will make our House Democratic caucus the first caucus in history, in the history of civilized government, to have a majority of women and minorities in the caucus."

    It also symbolizes something else that is more troubling politically.

    "It's basically a sign that both parties are distilling to their core, and they are living in parallel universes," said David Wasserman, House editor for the Cook Political Report.

    The stark demographic and ideological differences now reflected in the House will also likely lead to increased partisan showdowns over entitlement spending, education, health care and immigration reform, political and cultural experts say. Studies and polls have shown, for example, that women tend to be more supportive of government spending than men, and those attitudes might have helped influence women's choice for president, said Michele Swers, a Georgetown University American government professor.

    "You can draw a clear line between the changing demographics of the parties and the polarization (likely to follow)," Wasserman said.
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    "Old" white men founded this country. Predominantly white men fought and died for our independence from the English. For generations predominantly "old" white men populated the federal government.

    Demographics have indisputably changed. I don't really see how it's for the better though.
  3. Demographics will continue to evolve and change, as will everything in life. Some very smart, especially for their times, started a grand experiment, and it has worked well so far. Now, as the current generation is showing us all, we need to change or fade away.

    Say thanks to Jefferson, Washington, Adams and Lincoln. Say hello to the next era in civilization.
  4. Two novels sum it up quite nicely:
    1)Animal Farm
    2)Atlas Mugged
  5. The U.S. is changing, like it or not. The World is changing, like it or not. We cannot simplify evolution into a few simple books or even ideologies.

    We are in a global economy. Some say Open Borders, some say to get more restrictive. Who is right? Does it really matter what we say? Things will change, period. We either adapt to the changes, or we don't. We either hang together, or hang separately. Something like that.
  6. BS we'll all be long gone before those novels are irrelevant.
  7. The Democrats have many of protected districts that no White man could ever be elected. Harlem, Chicago Southside...etc
  8. And we'll all be long gone before America is ever Socialist, Communist, or forced to go bankrupt due to outside influences. So what?
  9. I like the country with its current diverse population.Much better now that racist white men are the minority imo
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    Of course you do, you're a white guy who wishes he was black
    IF I lived on the backs of productive tax payers, I'm sure I'd agree with your worthless opinion.
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