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    anyone have any links to pics of what the new twenty looks like???
  2. the new $20s are supposed to be a color other than green.

    i think it's a good idea to have denominations different colors. just like monopoly money. it's easier to tell what's what.
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    yes yes... however i wanted to actually see it...
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    thank you charles...
  5. Hell, since I got married 9 years ago all I've ever seen leftover in my wallet are 1's anyway, so who gives a shit what the other denominations look like. :D
  6. why the hell do we not print money in different colors? i'm talking like monopoly money. $50s can be red, $20s green, $10s blue, etc.

    this should have been done a long time ago and i have no idea why they still aren't doing it.
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    Euro Banknotes (€ 1 = $ 1.18)
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    we have
  9. Hey GG,

    The answer is very simple:

    It costs money to print money.

    In fact, as I recall from a WSJ article that I read a number of years ago that the Swiss Franc was hailed as being the most expensive of all notes due to all of the "anti-counterfeiting" techniques that were used ( such as different colored inks, halograms, etc. ).

    I think that the Swissy costs about .06 cents per note to make.

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