New TV Shows--One Winner, One Loser

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  1. I caught a couple of the fall season's new shows, two that have been heavily hyped. The first, Shark, has apparently received a number of positive reviews. I was totally disappointed. I like the title character, James Woods, but he's saddled with some of the lamest writing and character development ever seen on TV. The young assistant DA's he's mentoring are like a list of ethnic stereotypes, ie the fiery hispanic woman, the confrontational black woman, the dumb jock, the cold and unemotional white woman, and his daughter is that TV standard, the broken family survivor who is wise beyond her years. His boss, the once hot Jerri Ryan, has some promise but her role is oddly minor. The heart of the show, the court room theatrics, are laughable. I've seen better cross examination on the People's Court.

    The other show I caught was Smith, which has a cast headed by ex-Good Fella Ray Liotta and dreamy Virginia Madsen. Surprisingly, this show has received some bad reviews. I thought it was pretty engaging, at least enough so that I would watch it again. It might not be 24 but the plot moved along and the story line had some promise.

    I haven't seen the new show starring Matt Perry, 60 Sunset Strip. Sounds mildly promising though. If it is, it will be the first successful show featuring any alum of two of TV's all time faves, Friends and Seinfeld.
  2. no show is as good as 24
  3. Agreed.
  4. Studio 60 on Sunset Strip is pretty good.
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    gekko i must admit you have been hyping this puppy for quite sometime..and i finally saw a couple of episodes and i couldnt agree with you more...dayum thats some good tv...i am going to by the video collection to see if i can catch up...
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    Kinda liked the first two episodes of Smith.
  7. Yeah I thought so too. The smart writing and production, Aaron Sorkin has carried over from "the West Wing" is pretty good so far. Mathew Perry and Bradley Whitford compliment each other well.