New TV: Plasma or LCD?

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  1. Which is better?

    Looking at sizes 42-46 inches.

    What are pros/cons?

    How about rear-projection LCDs?

    Owners be heard!
  2. I am not an owner but don't LCD's last longer than plasma's?
  3. I have a 42 inch plasma and a 37 inch LCD. I think the plasma picture blows away the LCD. (Everyone else I ask doesn't seem to be able to tell any difference, but since I watch them both everyday I can see a difference.).

    The LCD picture is still very good, but if I were to buy another I would definitely get a plasma.

    Good luck. :)
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    While both plasma and LCD are brighter initially than DLP, I prefer DLP because imo it is an inherently more enduring design.

    Plasma and LCD lose brightness as they age and there is nothing you can do about it except throw the tv out when it dims. DLP does dim too, but all I have to do is replace the lamp for about $250 and I have a brand new tv.

    FWIW, I have this tv:

    I really like it.

  5. Thanks Nitro,

    Did you buy a refurbished one from them?

    What does DLP stand for?

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    No I don't like to buy [large] expensive items [except computers] over the internet. I bought mine from BestBuy brand new.

    DLP = Digital Light Processing.

  7. jem


    I just bought an LCD because of glare.

    But I also think they are better than plasma.

    Many of the sales guys said lcd is better technology.

    I also think the plasmas pixelate and distort (that what they called it when I described it) when showing non hd programming.

    Finally if you look at the 42 inch top of the line sony lcd at best buy, I do not think I have seen a better picture from plasma.

    (I bought a westinghouse 40 inch at sams club with a dvd player for 13something. It was not the best but the picture is excellent and the price is compelling.
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    We bought a 54" plasma not too long ago. Based on my research if we were going to go with a smaller unit I probably would have gotten a LCD. If my wife hadn't insisted on hanging it on a wall we may have gotten a rear projection, DLP I think they are called.
  10. You will pay twice as much for a plasma as a DLP. I have a 52" toshiba i bought last year for $2200. I think plasma's picture are slightly better, but then again i have never seen a plasma that was playing regular TV so i dont know how Non-HD channels show up on plasma. My TV is pretty thin...not plasma thin but the TV is very light for 52 weighs less than 90 pounds. But if you got the money to burn and you want status, go pay 6k for the plasma, but to be honest...i really dont notice that much of a difference with the picture and neither will you unless you are like the other guy and have 2 different TVs in your will only notice a bigger hole in your bank book.
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