New Turtle book planned;free advice

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  1. See that Curtis Faith [inflector] wants some free advice from traders on writing a'' best book''

    a] The previous suggestion on Rich Dennis writing an intro ;amen
    and his and all the interviews in Jack Schwager top traders books are rich in helpful ideas.

    b]Best books have plenty ,plenty of comparisons, illustrations, pictures/charts.

    c]''Chick '' nickname Goslin wrote a new book & someone was kind enough to send me a 4 page ad.
    Its full of goodies, like a variation of trend =friend;
    ''continuation is more likely than change''

    e] What are the people of the Virgin Islands like???;
    do they keep chickens loose in their healthy homes like they have done for years in central America [Honduras...]:cool:
  2. What prevents you from answering him directly in the thread that he himself started?
  3. I hear that the ultimate trading book is coming out in late 2007. It is a 3-volume set that will be comparable to Donald Knuth's Art of Computer Programming, written by an absolute legend. I'm not at liberty to say who the author is, but I have read some of the material, and it blows the doors off anything ever written about trading -- technical, statistical, psychological, etc. A top trader who has made billions who wants to give back a Buffett-sized knowledge gift. Although the author is writing the series as Anonymous, people will quickly figure out who it is. The original title was supposedly The Art of Trading but that phrase has become so cliche.

  4. ghost written by chance??

  5. write an interesting story, lets face it people read trading books to either

    a) be entertained
    b) make money

    Option b is impossible to do, easy to sell & useless to everything but quenching desire. However, this market is saturated. Not to mention, dull.

    If it has to be done, write an intriguing story like livermores book or those liars poker type books. I'd read this, but not an instruction manual on how to take money from the markets.
  6. Neodude


    Is it the Phantom of the Pits? LoL, I wonder if Paul Tudor will ever come out with a book...


  7. ==============
    Fair question;
    answering there requiires one , if honest , to be a member who trades mechanical systems last i looked . Helpful link

    And as to paraphrase Rich Dennis in his last interview [Art Collins,TA of Stocks % co magazine]
    its the job of the markets to wreck computer systems

    And another turtle book suggestion, keep plenty of it simple[kpis];
    there is a growing trend of partial USA illiteracy .Its why some newer speed controls dont have fast & slow,
    They have a picture of a turtle & rabbit:p