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    *NEW-TT Standard Edition | FREE for AMP Customers - Monthly Minimum Waived (Normally $50/mo.) - Try Demo >>

    #1 Getting Started

    This guide provides the NEW TT Baiscs, such as TT Platform Requirements, Logging In, Creating Workspaces, Widgets, Search and Setting up your Global Settings.

    #2 Viewing Market Data

    This guide provides the skills to set up Market Grid, MD Trader, Options Chain, Volatility Curve Manager, Spread Matrix and Time/Sales Windows.

    #3 Basic Order Entry

    This guide provides the available Order Types and how to use Order Ticket, MD Trader, Cross Trades, Block Trades and configure Order Cross Prevention.

    #4 Order Management

    This guide provides the skills to use Order Book, Configure Floating Order Book, Fills, Positions, Audit Trail and Staged Orders.

    #5 Automated Trading

    This guide provides the skills to set up TT Algos, AutoSpreader, AutoSpreader Rules, Aggregator, Algo Dashboard, AutoTrader, using Excell with TT, Excel Linking, Excel RTD.

    #6 Charting

    This guide provides the skills to using TT Charts (Historical Charting Included - No extra Fee). How to use TT Charts, Chart Types, Drawing Tools and Technical Indicators.

    6-Steps to Master NEW TT Video Learning Series >>

    If you need any assistance with the initial setup or would lke a one-on-one walk-through of the NEW TT Features, please contact our 24 hour help desk via Phone or Live CHAT:

    Happy Trading!

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    Futures and Options Trading is not suitable for all investors, and involves risk of loss.
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    NEW TT Getting Started Video Guide - Now in Spanish Language: Watch Now >>
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