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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by steve46, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Has anyone bought the new Palm Treo 700?

    It is the first Palm phone to use the Microsoft OS.

    If anyone has one, I'd like to know how you like it.

    Also interested in the Verizon wireless "everywhere" service for my traveling laptop. Is anyone using that service to trade?

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    I like the Verizon service. Though I have bad blood with that company. I can take my laptop pretty much anywhere on east coast and trade. Speeds are fair to fast. No connection issues.
  3. steve,

    that 700 is like $700 without service

    Nuts, I'm going to get the 650

    I have this motorola qwerty phone, use to have a samsung pda/cell thing back then.

    650 is where its at :D

    but the 700 has a 1.3 MP camerra, thats real good imo.

    So things might tip the scale since I don't like carrying around the exilim all the time,

    one object for all.
  4. CoolWeb:

    Thank you for your comment. I have found that it is important to look closely at things before passing judgement.

    In this case, there is much more to the product than you talk about. For instance, the operating system for the 700 is a Microsoft operating system not a Palm OS. This means that you can have small versions of Microsoft programs operating on the screen including Excel. I (and perhaps others) can make good use of that.
    Also the voice recognition system is much improved. So much so that if you have a Bluetooth earpiece you can ask it to dial phone specific numbers and to take notes for you without having to take the product off of your belt.
    One feature that interests me is the "SMS". Apparently if you receive a call but do not want to take it, you can send an SMS (dont know what that is).
    I am also interested in the "push technology" that allows you to collect your email automatically throughout the day. I need to confirm it but I understand that you can decide whether to be notified of emails immediately upon receipt or at intervals like every 10 min.
    Another nice feature I learned about today, is that you can take a picture and then send it to your home or office computer or to another machine.
    I realize that some of these features are available with other products, I just want to have a good idea of what it can do before spending the money. As you have pointed out, it is not cheap.

    Currently it is difficult to get detailed info regarding some of the features, probably because it is so new.

    I appreciate your comments and I look forward to more comments for anyone who may be using one now.

  5. Thanks Walther once again for contributing something that helps all of us. I am sure this is why we are all so glad to have you here.

  6. I have the 650 and have been pretty happy with it. I was advised by a friend not to upgrade to the 700. I forget his reasoning, but he went back to the 650.
  7. Thats the kind of info that is very valuable to have. Thanks. I will look into it.
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    SMS = Text messaging.
  9. Yes, I figure it must be.

    Perhaps it is a preprogrammed (or canned) message that is automatically sent whenever you don't want to speak to the person on the other end, or cannot (if you are on the line with someone else).
  10. I have looked into the purchase of these 'multi-use' devices on several occasions and have yet to buy one.

    Referring to the Palm Treo 700 as a phone is a bit like calling your trading station computer a stereo. While I have no doubt your desktop has the ability to play .mp3 files, I suspect it isn't the computer's primary function. The Palm Treo 700, remains a device first and a phone second - a small computer with which you can make phone calls. In addition, I would guess the 'built in memory' probably isn't that substantial requiring the use of 'memory sticks' or other similar removable storage devices - adding additional cost to the device. Lastly, If you expect high quality from a 1.3 megapixal camera, expect to encounter disappointment. While probably producing superior pictures compared to a 'garden variety' mobile camera phone, the picture quality will pale in comparison to an average digital camera.

    I recommend determining first what your own priorities really are. Do you want a phone first, which also has some additional capability or do you want a device that you can also use to make phone calls. If the former, then I recommend waiting for the next generation of phones. If the latter, then The Palm Treo 700 (with additional software and storage) might serve your needs. Only you can say for sure.

    Good Trading to you.

    - Spydertrader
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