New Trend - Short Euro !!!

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Salmon, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Salmon


  2. I started shorting the EUR/USD also.

    Do you have a target in mind?
  3. Good news target?
  4. Sure you really want to do that?

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  5. Daring


    No thanks, long the euro around 1.2750 for 1.35
  6. i'd be more willing to bet theres more up.. as American dollar goes down..
  7. contra


    The uptrend line from July is broken and confirmed with a daily close and a retest on my charts.

    200 DMA is keeping it up just above 2800, but you can bet there is plenty of stops gathering under 2800.

    Will Spain request the bailout? Any Greek/Troika BS to watch for as well. After a Spain downgrade today and IMF not seeing inline with Spain on 2013 budget with nothing on the menu to change it in the very short term besides a tape bomb... I gotta say chances look good for a move below 2800 on the break of the lows.

    and eur/aud flows can't help.
  8. speres


    which lows, 2800 is just about there now, and what will happen do you think if 2800 goes?
  9. contra


    yea it's right there above the 200DMA.

    When I look at EUR/USD I see a range on dailies, a consolidation. Lower daily highs higher daily low could be made here.

    If it breaks down through the lows of yesterday and through 2800 I think I will make money quick.

    Definitely some decent buyers here though, so I hear.
  10. cornix


    We're in a clear intermediate up trend in the Euro, but you are welcome to short. :D
    #10     Oct 11, 2012