New Trading System- Laptop versus Desktop Build

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    Currently Have a 29 inch Dell Monitor and Plan on Getting the 43 inch Dell to go with it.. I have a Budget of $2,000. for the Computer Part of it.
    I run TRADESTATION as my Trading Platform and TRADE IDEAS for Scans.
    The question is Laptop or Desktop.
    If it was a Desktop Id probably Build it.
    Want at Least 32 Ram, Plan on using current SSD I have in the new Build with WIN 10 as Operating system.
    Mother Boards, Ram, CPU , Video Card Suggestions .....
    What Desktop Components Suggested to fit in my Budget of $2,000.

    Now for the Laptop I have seen some Dells where the RAM is soldered in- NOT a OPTION I want. and Would prefer a 15 inch Laptop . Any and all feed back would be helpful...
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    Intel nuc hades canyon will run 6, 4K monitors.
  3. My experience is you don't have to spend very much on the desktop - but much more so on the laptop to get the same actual experience / performance. What type of computer are you using now? 16 RAM is essential but you may not get that much more bang for your buck going up to 32. SSD is essential too but they have come down so much in price. I don't know that you have to go crazy with video card either -- a solid one that supports multiple monitors but trading software isn't the same as gaming.
  4. Do you need the portability which a laptop offers? If not, go for a desktop. Or do you need the battery backup which a laptop offers? If not, go for a desktop.
  5. I like Dell workstations. You can pick them up, 1 generation back (2016 vintage), for about 75% off of original price from eBay and other refurbishers... some with warranty. I expect workstations to run for 10 years* or more, so buying used isn't much of a risk.

    * My desktop workstations are 11 years old and my laptop is 8 years old. All still running smooth as a gravy sandwich.
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    What version workstations of dells were you referring to ? Lots of Versions out there and workstations Im not that up to speed on.
  7. The best of the Dell workstations are the ones in the Precision line. T5810 is the "newest of the old".
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    Get a desktop once you become good at trading multiple instruments you have to follow them all at the same time. Just make sure you get a PC which can support multiple graphics cards. Used PCs are a good deal
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    No point buying a 15" laptop. Best to get 14" or less for portability and hook it to an external monitor for long-term use. The idea of having a "big" laptop that substitutes for a desktop never worked.
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  10. To Scat's point, MicroCenter offers great deals on refurbished desktops, many with SSDs and 16GB RAM already installed.

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