New Trading System - Input Please.

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    Looking at a New Desktop System from Dell :
    Intel Core i5-9500,(6 Core, 9MB Cache, 3.0Ghz, 4.4 Ghz Turbo w/UHD Graphics 630)
    NVIDIA Quadro P400, 2GB, 3 mDP to DP adapter
    16GB DDR4 2666MHz UDIMM Non-ECC Memory

    Monitor I have now is a :> Dell 29 inch -- U2917W, Resolution 2560 x 1080,
    Aspect Ratio 21:9

    Would be adding either (TWO) -> Dell 27" P2719HC -Resolution 1920 x 1080
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    (ONE) -> Dell 43" 4K U43OQ Resolution 3840 x2160
    Aspect Ratio 16:9

    Thoughts on Intel Core i5-9500 with 6 CORE enough ?
    Video Card Enough for what I want < NVIDIA Quadro P400, 2GB >
  2. what software are you running on it? Does it have enough video outputs for your monitors? Wasn't sure if DP mean DisplayPort.
  3. scubasid


    DP meant Displayport, - 3 video outputs, Comes with Win 10 Pro,
    I am looking at the 2 - 27inch Dell -> daisy chain with each other,
    the 29 inch I now have Daisy Chains as well is MST- and can connect a DP off it.
  4. kmiklas


    If you can afford it, I'd like to see you with a better CPU. That CPU is lower-end; retails for $199. It's going to be a bit sluggish. I'd like to see you with an i7 or Ryzen 7.

    For $359 , you can get an INTC i7 8-core (No onboard graphics... but you're buying a vid card so shouldn't be an issue)

    For $294, you can get an AMD Ryzen 8-core. 5-star rated. I've used AMD for decades and been very happy.

    For $172, if cost is really an issue, you can also look at this AMD CPU, and save $28
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  5. scubasid


    Thanks for the sound feedback, that's what I need to hear to make a wise choice. Il look into a better CPU
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    Honestly, if you are reasonably mechanically and technically inclined, consider building your own rig. It's not terribly difficult. Get a good case, and it will last you for years as you swap out components, add new drives as needed, etc.
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  7. Depends partially on your intended usage, but on the basis that almost any PC will do everything that almost any trader wants, almost all of the time, it comes down to choosing between:
    1. spend as little as possible on the basis that most of it will be obsolete in 3 years, and more of your trading processing will move from your end to the cloud over time. Add cash saved to your trading account and upgrade in 3 years, or
    2. buy the best you can find, with modularity in mind to maintain future-proofing as much as possible. Its all tax-deductible!
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  8. Or this...

    Buy a used workstation for $400 which you can use for the next 7-10 years.

    No need to spend more on a trading rig.
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  9. What TRADING software do you intend to run? LOL.

    I also agree with moving up to an i7 if you can. Also, I'm a fan of some of microcenter's PowerSpec or even some refurbished desktops if you want to get a lot of bang for your buck if you want to price some other options. But 16GB+ RAM and SSD are the critical components.

  10. gaussian


    I'm baffled that people spend so much on trading rigs.

    I will put on my day trader hat. Here are the things I think I would need:

    1. Reliable internet
    2. A reliable phone or two for my broker
    3. A decent rig capable of running my trading software

    (1) is where most of your money should go. A T1 line will run you 600-800 a month but you'll have a guaranteed SLA.

    (2) is next, you'll want two phones. One cell phone and one land line.

    (3) Finally you can spend a grand or two on a decent workstation that can support 5-6 monitors. Every trading software I've used would run on an internet connected toaster with the exception of IB TWS.

    I have no idea why everyone is concerned with hardware when the real bottleneck is just how unaffordable a fiber/T1 pipe is for a retail consumer.
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