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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by ChaosNSX, May 24, 2003.

  1. This Strategy will make you Cha-Chingos.

    Now I know there has been a lot of talk about Meditation and psychology, and tv systems. Its all crap. Let me let you in on my secret super way to trade.

    The strategy is simple. You do what you are currently doing, but you listen to techno at the same time.

    Don't forget to set your equalizer set in a v formation for better results.

    Now last blast the music volume in the following situations.

    A. You don't let your winner run
    B. You don't cut your losses short
    C. You deviate from your trading plan.

    If you improve your trading using this method just send me 1% of what you make the first 6 months.

    Also send me a picture of you jumping up with cash screaming "Thanks to Chaos's system I have Cha-chingos!!"

    :Mr. Market no need to send your picture I already have yours.

    PLease enjoy the system and hopefully it improves your trading.

    I call the system "rave your way to riches"


    P.s. Pier Langone if you see this IM me lets chat.
  2. Awesome plan!
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    I swear the picture move every time I log on ET. :)
  4. Yeah the moderators are having a field day playing with it.