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  1. Well.......the day has come. I need a new computer. I have been trading on 2 Notebooks with a router on cable......and my hard disk died in one of them. My warranty is long over so I took the old Compaq into Radio Shack as I did not want to try and work on a notebook(I dis-like Radio Shack so much). It cost me $10.00 to have them tell me what the damage will be to fix it which is rather reasonable and besides they are the only Compaq service in my area. If it needs a new hard disk then it probably will be several hundred dollars. I think that is what it is, as the control arm was making knocking noises. They will call me in a week.

    So I thought I might start this thread to get some advice. I like Notebook computers because they are small and compact. The battery is nice too for back up(I do have a gasoline generator if its a long black out). It is nice to be portable also.

    I went to Costco and looked at Notebook computers and found a Sony VAIO PCG-GRT150 which had a huge 16" TFT screen (1280x1024 res). This apparantly was made just for Costco stores and was $1,599.00. This included 512 MB (2x256) max upgradable to 1024. I wish they would just use 1 slot and use a 512 chip, so I could upgrade easier. Why do they make it so expensive? Do they make a deal with the Rambus or whoever makes RAM? It also came with XP home, which I would need to upgrade to XP pro ($189.00). I understad Pro is better than home because of they way it handles files? Is this true? I will not be using multiple monitors so the XP Pro advantage is not needed for that reason, but the reliability issues would be valid reasons to use Pro. This VAIO also had a 60GB Hard Drive and LAN. The CD-RW/DVD Combo drive was usefull but this trading computer will not need the DVD.

    So being the Savant that I am....I had to call Sony. I discovered that they have a computer within this same series with a 16.1" (not 16") screen. This 16.1" screen has a much better resolution than the Costco version(1600x1200). Could you imagine a notebook like this....awesome. This will cost $2,349.00 and I got rid of the DVD writable option and lowered the Hard disk to 40GB and added Windows XP pro.....and used 1 slot with 512 mb RAM (cheaper to upgrade to the max of 1024 later).

    So, now I am really making it hard to decide....should I just build my own desktop? I could build a really neat one, and everyone tells me I would be able to do it. But being the Savant, that I am, I probably will drive myself crazy with too many choices. Could you see me trying to build my own computer?.....poor Nitro, I will drive him crazy with questions.

    I could even water cool it!!! overclock it!!!! No wait, This is a work computer.....better not. Anyways, 1024 Ram with a 2.8 mhz P4 would be great! I could even afford 2 of those nifty double LCD monitors on a stand and use the Matrox Quad card. Hey, A SCSI drive could be great, you know one of those 10,000 RPM kind. Someone said that Rambus RD Ram using a dual channel RIMM 4200 PC1066 memory was a good set-up. I do not know what I just said, I just tighten the screws and plug em' in and turn on the power.

    What should I do....some of you techies help this ES trader out. I use my computers for Squawk Box, Chat Room, Investor R/T with e-sig data feed and J-trader and PalTalk. I use a separate computer for Internet and Sqawk box. All this on a router with cable.

    Michael B.
  2. you wait for dell to come out withanother 500 buck deal,,


    YOU BUY! :D

    ps i got one hellava deal thru dell ,, you can too

    screw water cooling ,, save your buks for that new tuned vette you always wanted :cool:
  3. FPC :)

    Michael B.
  4. Merc


    Can you get Dell to install Matrox Quad?
    Or just get Dell and install the card yourself?
    Not sure about the warranty though.
    :D :D :D
  5. oh yeah,, i KNOW ya hear me bro! :cool:

    i jus bought state of art from dell for 400 & change (1st time buyer of dell used to build my own but no more,, dell is good enuf)
  6. not really sure what you are saying,,

    installing a video card is easier than fallin out of bed :cool:
  7. FPC,

    Good advice, I did the same. Probably end of quarter will be when the deals hit the website. I think the last ones were end of April so we may be getting close to their version of channel stuffing time.
  8. oh yeah,, i KNOW ya hear me bro!

    Is there anything that you do not know?

    Michael B.
  9. Hey ES -

    Unless you are mobile and the laptop fits your lifestyle then is the place to shop.

    Forget the Overclocking -you don't even have to go processor speed crazy to get the PC you need. Buy AMD with an ASUS nVidia motherboard, half to a gig of PC2700 Ram (Kingston/Crucial), a Maxtor or Western Digital hard drive, a dual monitor Matrox video card, a CDRW (LiteOn or ASUS), a case with at least 350 watts and your done. This part should cost you less than $700, the more expensive part will be to buy yourself the LCD monitors - go 17" or bigger -- (there is a recent thread in ET on that subject).

    I've built three PCs to begin this new life as a daytrader and I was by no means a computer geek in the former life. My primary PC is for charting, the second I use for news, chats, Elite Trader, and other net surfing and the third exclusively for satellite TV.
    the three together run about $1500 before monitors which I am still waiting on the price of the 19 inch Samsung to hit my price point under $600. And I still use my old laptop as the computer hooked up to the broker.

    Good luck - and use Toms guide 1 and 2 if you choose to do this route:


  10. why would a trader overclock a 'puter make it unstable crashes,lose money.. that is retarded
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