New Tradestation threshold for free data

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by palward, Nov 4, 2005.

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    Apparently TS just lowered the trading minimums again to get free data. Now it's only 10 round trip contracts per month and TS is yours for free, and this includes the scanner aswell.
  2. Does this include use of the trading software?
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  4. Can you please post a link to this info or tell where you found this?

  5. Surdo


    "Under the new thresholds, futures clients who trade 10 round-turn contracts per month, as opposed to the current threshold of 50 round-turns per month, and forex clients who trade 10, as opposed to 25, deals per month, will qualify for the waiver."

    I wonder if this is effective based on November Volumes billable December?
  6. He means including RadarScreen and optionstation.
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    Yes it includes all the software, I was talking to a rep at Tradestation on friday and this is what he told me. I think its a great deal.
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    Just remember you still pay them for data feeds. It is not completely free.

  9. Give me a break, No one offers exchange data including historical, for free :confused:

    IB data feed not includes historical, while tradestation give you the longest historical data, more than anyone else including esignal, CQG, realtick,....
  10. so if i open an acct, do 10rts/mon, i can have access to tradestation for free to use its backtesting features? that doesn't sound like a bad deal at all. how much is real time data?

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