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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Ebo, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. Ebo


    Make sure all you TradeStation 7 users check Monday's Daily Statement. It looks like the software people forgot to program the new $5 Round Trip Futures commissions rate as of midnight 10/31. We are still getting billed the old rate of $5.60. Oops!!!
  2. With Tradestation in the past I have been told you have to REQUEST to be put on the new commission structure when they change rates.

    What a load of crap. They advertise a new rate but a lot of people (current customers) never get it because they do not request the change.

    I have had this happen in the past with Tradestation!!!

    Everyone be sure to check your rate.

    Good Luck
  3. chessman

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    Thanks for the heads up. I am still being charged $5.60

    I can't believe Tradestation would stoop to such low level to cheat their customers.
  4. Fred McEnany

    Fred McEnany TradeStation Securities

    All TradeStation customers on the previous commission schedule of $2.80 per side, and who pay the normal $99.95 platform fee should have had their commissions changed to the new rates on November 1.

    No action is required on the customer's part to get the new reduced commissions!

    In the event of an oversight, please call TradeStation Client Services at 1-800-448-1371. Qualified customers who have not been automatically converted to the new plan will have appropriate commission credits posted to their account retroactive to November 1. Thank you for your patience.

    Fred McEnany
    Vice President Sales
    TradeStation Securities
  5. chessman

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    It appears my commission rate has been adjusted to reflect the new $2.50 per side rate and Monday's overcharge credited to the account.

    Thanks for your prompt attention !
  6. Fred McEnany

    Fred McEnany TradeStation Securities

  7. DT-waw


    When TS will offer Eurex futures: real time quotes&charts + historical intraday data. And when TS will have competitive rates for them (like $5 per rt) vs $14 per rt through "RJO's MCD platform" today...

  8. The TS rep is suggesting that all accounts will be automatically transfered over to the new commission rate. Here's a cut-'n-paste I got the last time the commissions changed and I wasn't included (I added the quote marks):

    "Attached please find the form. This commission change was not automatic for clients because it included a change to level 2 fees related to the account.
    We cannot change the way data fees are charged to your account without notification from you in writing.
    Thank you for choosing TradeStation Securities."

    I strongly suggest everyone check their account settings b/c TS will f*&k you first and appologise later.
  9. Fred McEnany

    Fred McEnany TradeStation Securities

    DT-waw, we cannot confirm at this time if, or when, TradeStation will offer Eurex Futures. However, Eurex has been a frequently requested item, and it is high on our priority list. Thanks for your interest.

    Fred McEnany
    Vice President Sales
    TradeStation Securities
  10. Ebo


    You notice TradeStation ignores your sewer mouth?
    Maybe if you spoke like a gentleman not a zoo animal you would get a response.

    I gave TS the benefit of the doubt, it appeared to be an honest software glitch with RJO. I started this thread and TradeStation journaled the .60/car error I was due within 12 hours.

    Please do not blame TradeStation for your inability to generate a profit. I will give you the difference in commission to stop using profanity on this board.


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