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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Loren1711, Jul 4, 2008.

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    Alright guys and girls, after the last computer went capoot I have taken it upon myself to build a new trade station.

    Currently this system must be able to run 4 24 inch monitors at a resolution of 1920x1200.

    After taking my request to a local computer store, and seeing that their prices for hardware were astronomically inflated, I have decided to do it myself.



    Video Card:

    Though this video card is expensive, I like the idea of a 4 in one setup. Also the idea that I wont have to deal with drivers would be nice as well.

    So what are your thoughts about this? My choice of a dual over a quad, and the motherboard and video card choice.

    Also, can any of you recommend good power supplies to support such a configuration?

    If you want the rest of the specs to this computer just let me know.

  2. Loren: None of your newegg links work. My guess is you were signed in. You could either give us newegg product numbers or you could go back to newegg and click "logout" and repost the links.
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    Mostly fix broken computers (two or three a day for years) but have built some also.

    It all looks good, asus are a good name. Asus 'barebones' and cases are also excellent. The Core2Duo should be more than adequate - charting programs are not usually that demanding anyway - it's all the junk people have running in the background that slows things down. Get one or two of the latest Seagate SATA drives. A 500W PSU should be fine (less probably OK), you'll be glad if you choose a quiet one. Download the minimal graphics card drivers from and don't use any asus bells/whistles. Better still, use the standard Windows update ones if available. A 2 x 1 gig matched pair of RAM will do, you could add another pair of 2 x 512MB but unless you go 64 bit (don't) more will not be recognized. The stock CPU cooler/fan should be fine, just check the fins every few months for dust blocking airflow. I rarely use case fans, and if they suck the wrong way (out) can actually cause heat by conflicting with the cpu fan. Just make sure the case has enough air holes and/or leave a pci slot open (by the graphics card fan).

    Avoid Vista if you can, though the system would run pretty well with it, if tweaked. Get XP Pro and it will fly. Avoid Norton or Mcafee bloatware and use Antivir free (>downloads) and Spybot beta 6 ( - untick 'immunize/resident helper', run weekly) with a router (double hardware firewall) and the built in windows firewall. Be a bit careful online and that is as fast and secure as you need. Run CCleaner every few months and manually defrag every few months.

    If you want the Vista appearance and are not concerned or, like me are not a believer in copyright/IP as a legitimate concept, check this out:
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    Thanks a lot for the response Paul, thats exactly what I was looking for.

    I am really glad I didn't buy the computer my local store recommended. They said that charting programs were often more intensive than the latest games, found it hard to believe, and suggested a 3900 dollar system.

    I'm finding this one will be able to be built for right around 1400. A little bit more if I choose to add mouse and keyboard.

    What is the consensus as to adding a second hdd for RAID capacity? It seems for the extra 70ish dollars I could add RAID 0 as I am not concerned with RAID1 redundancy. I plan to use this computer solely for trading and office products, and safe internet, rather than the other more detrimental temptations of the internet if you know what I mean. I have another computer I plan to use for obscene amounts of downloads and other entertainment.
  6. Your video card is PCIe 2.0 and the mobo is PCIe (1.0).
    I know backwards compatibility works, but how about forwards? I suggest you check in to that.

    As to what size power supply, there are some calculators on and on Never hurts to step it up from what's required. Make sure you have the proper connectors for what you are connecting. (some big video cards like my 8800 ultra's require additional power) so check your video card power requirements for proper voltage/ connector compatibility with the power supply you select.

    To reduce chance of bottlenecks, buy RAM that is 1333mhz or faster and you will have a really awesome system.

    Don't forget case fans. They're cheap at newegg and easy to forget.

    You asked about a second hdd. I would spend the money. By personal preference I have operating system and program files on one hdd and the other hdd is for storage of records, pics, music, etc. Backups are easy and working on the system is easy this way.

    I have never tried Vista and have yet to hear anything good about it. If I were building today it would be xppro.

    Have fun and good luck!
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    You can take a look at mine for reference...
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    Glad to help Loren.

    I wouldn't bother with RAID, the new drives are really fast and though possible, data recovery if your system crashes can be more tricky. Charting programs are not usually that disk intensive either (nothing like audio or video editing) - maybe backtesting years of tick data for many markets would be.... I meant a second drive for backup. You could use it as an instant fallback also if you set up XP and basic programs on it.

    They are not that video intensive either (not like games). Also the top memory bus speeds are disproportionately expensive for very little discernible speed increase unless under heavy load. Maybe if you are using Vista with lots of complex studies on lots of charts on all 4 screens at once then a opening a new chart might be just a little quicker.... Ninjatrader on my XP system with several charts open uses less than 200 MB.

    By the way, when you install components (after PSU is in), plug the power lead in but switched off at the socket. That way the chassis is earthed and all you have to do is touch it occasionally to avoid static. I've never used a wristband and never blown a component this way.

    For yourself or others viewing, checkout a barebones such as this by the way:

    Most of the hard work is done for you, with the motherboard preinstalled in a quality compact case. You would want to get a more powerful PSU though, due to the graphics card. Normal/lesser dual output graphics cards you would probably get away with.
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    Power Supply.. I've had good luck with Antec. Just picked one up at Fry's for $75. 550 watt ("Neopower"). Had modular plugs, so I didn't have cable clutter in the case. (this isn't a fashion show, but I like the clean layout to help airflow) Also just got a 650 watt from Newegg that is quiet and has the modular plugs. You only use the cables that you need, in case the 'modular cable' idea didn't make sense.

    Case... I like QUIET when trading. My brain makes enough noise. I have 2 computers under my desk in Antec P180 and P182 cases. Only real difference is color and what I could get on ebay (new). They are so quiet that I forget they're on. Seriously.

    I'm also partial to quiet cpu fans and have good luck with Zalman. There are higher rated fans now, but this is one area I'm happy to not experiment with.

    You've gotten some good advice already for other posters. Good luck.